Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Just keep Grooming...

It's been about  months since I started this business venture! WOW!  I can't believe it's already been 6 months!  It is slowly building, but I am excited about that!  I am starting to see some repeat customers and that is even more exciting to me!  Rose, my Bichon and "Salon Manager" sometimes greets at the door, with tail wagging!  She isn't happy, though, about me giving other doggies attention, but she makes sure I do a good job!

For those new to checking out this blog on my grooming business, let me take a moment and introduce myself!  My name is Deanna and I am the owner/ groomer here at Pampered Pups & Pals!  I've been grooming now about 6 years!  I started off as a Bather at Petsmart for about 2years.  I bathe, brushed, nail trimmed/ filed, cleaned ears, and shaved paw pads.  After 2yrs, I went to Grooming Academy!  After grooming academy, I spent time still training doing different breeds and different haircuts to fully be certified as a Groomer!  It took a few months to complete 100 dogs, but I did it!  I've been cutting hair and helping dogs look and feel great ever since!  I now groom out of my home and love it!  I still get to see my baby and spend time with her, while still working!

After your first visit with me, I give every new client a business card!  Don't lose this card!  The reason being, is that on the back of each card you earn a stamp after each visit!  On your 6th visit to me, you will earn for your doggie a FREE teethbrushing! I also offer specialized shampoos, conditioner, shedding treatment, flea & tick shampoo, nail filing.  These add-ons are an additional fee, but worth it!

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