Tuesday, October 7, 2014

No call/ No show

It is not polite to not call and to not show up for a scheduled appointment!   Please, if you cannot make it to your scheduled appointment to call or text me you are not able to make it.  I have held that spot for you, so be considerate of me and my business!  If you are a repeat offender of not calling and not showing up, you will be billed for half of the cost of the groom.  I've had to many no call/ no shows in the past week.  I am running this out of my home and when I am expecting a client, I am no able to leave the house.  I appreciate your consideration of me, my business and my home! 

On a similar note, if you are running late, please also get in contact with me.  Sometimes I still may be able to take you, but there could be times where I will need to reschedule your appointment.  This is a case by case situation.  I will typically give a grace period before I try to make contact with you, if you are late.  After that time period, which is typically 15min, I will then call you.  If you do not answer, I will leaving you a message.  I will say the time, how much time I have before I can no longer take your grooming appointment and that I'd be happy to reschedule your for another time and day.  I am usually pretty understanding.  I understand situations come up and we can't keep an appointment. 


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