Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Just keep Grooming...

It's been about  months since I started this business venture! WOW!  I can't believe it's already been 6 months!  It is slowly building, but I am excited about that!  I am starting to see some repeat customers and that is even more exciting to me!  Rose, my Bichon and "Salon Manager" sometimes greets at the door, with tail wagging!  She isn't happy, though, about me giving other doggies attention, but she makes sure I do a good job!

For those new to checking out this blog on my grooming business, let me take a moment and introduce myself!  My name is Deanna and I am the owner/ groomer here at Pampered Pups & Pals!  I've been grooming now about 6 years!  I started off as a Bather at Petsmart for about 2years.  I bathe, brushed, nail trimmed/ filed, cleaned ears, and shaved paw pads.  After 2yrs, I went to Grooming Academy!  After grooming academy, I spent time still training doing different breeds and different haircuts to fully be certified as a Groomer!  It took a few months to complete 100 dogs, but I did it!  I've been cutting hair and helping dogs look and feel great ever since!  I now groom out of my home and love it!  I still get to see my baby and spend time with her, while still working!

After your first visit with me, I give every new client a business card!  Don't lose this card!  The reason being, is that on the back of each card you earn a stamp after each visit!  On your 6th visit to me, you will earn for your doggie a FREE teethbrushing! I also offer specialized shampoos, conditioner, shedding treatment, flea & tick shampoo, nail filing.  These add-ons are an additional fee, but worth it!

When you come for an appointment

Here is what to expect when you come for a grooming appointment:

When I am checking in a dog.  I check over every dog with the Pet parent standing right there.  I am checking the skin and coat condition, head, tail and paws.  I make sure that we are on the same page as to what you, the Client is wanting out of the groom.  I will ask, some times multiple times, what are you wanting from the groom. If I see fleas on your dog, I will automatically give your dog a flea & tick shampoo bath.  This will be an added fee and I will call you to let you know. 
  • Do you want the dog just bathed? 
  • Are you wanting the dog's hair cut?
  • How long or short do you want the haircut to be?
  • Do you want a Breed Specific haricut?Schnauzer haircut, Clean face/ Clean feet on a poodle,& so on.
  • Do you want teethbrushed on your doggie?
  • If your dog's skin is dry, have you considered oatmeal shampoo and/ conditioner
  • Do you want whitening shampoo to brighten up your dog's coat?
  • If your dog is matted, there may be little I can do.  I may be able to brush some knots out, but I may have to shave short.  This is a case by case deal and you will know before you leave my house on what to expect out of the groom.  
  • If you dog's coat is in good shape (little to no knots), I will be able to do whatever groom you wish
  • If my dog needs some type of haircut, do you want an outline trim (face, feet, & rear) or do I want an all over hair cut
  • Just because you want a full haircut, does NOT mean you have to shave short.  Like I already mentioned, if your dog's coat is in good shape, I can do as short or as long (up to 2inches) as you wish.  
ALL grooms come with the basic bath package.  This basic bath package includes: Bath, anal gland expression, nail trim, nail grind (as long as dog allows it), ear clean, and a good brushing.  The next level is an "Outline Trim" and then the most involved package is the "Full Haircut"

One thing I ask, if you see something off at check out, please let me know and I'll be happy to fix it before you leave.  If you notice something off in the next 48hrs, give me a call or text to let me know and if you want me to fix it, I'll be happy to fix it.  I try my best to do the best job I can!  I want you to be happy with the groom and I would love for you to come back!  

No call/ No show

It is not polite to not call and to not show up for a scheduled appointment!   Please, if you cannot make it to your scheduled appointment to call or text me you are not able to make it.  I have held that spot for you, so be considerate of me and my business!  If you are a repeat offender of not calling and not showing up, you will be billed for half of the cost of the groom.  I've had to many no call/ no shows in the past week.  I am running this out of my home and when I am expecting a client, I am no able to leave the house.  I appreciate your consideration of me, my business and my home! 

On a similar note, if you are running late, please also get in contact with me.  Sometimes I still may be able to take you, but there could be times where I will need to reschedule your appointment.  This is a case by case situation.  I will typically give a grace period before I try to make contact with you, if you are late.  After that time period, which is typically 15min, I will then call you.  If you do not answer, I will leaving you a message.  I will say the time, how much time I have before I can no longer take your grooming appointment and that I'd be happy to reschedule your for another time and day.  I am usually pretty understanding.  I understand situations come up and we can't keep an appointment.