Saturday, February 15, 2014

Flea & Tick preventatives

Please, when you decide to take your dog to the groomer, especially a home based business such as mine, to have your pet on a flea & tick preventative!  Not only does it benefit your pet, but it'll help in reducing other pets becoming infested.  It is best to do your own research on what will be best for you and your pet and to consult with your Vet.  I have my Bichon on a product called Revolution.  I love it!  She has never had a problem with fleas.  It is a topical treatment that also helps in preventing heartworms!  Which is great for me, because it's a 2 for 1 treatment.  I HIGHLY recommend staying away from flea collars.  Why?  Well, it's outdated for one.  Two, it only keeps fleas away from the head.  Which means, your pet's body can still become infested with fleas.  Pretty much making that product useless!  Third, and not really that important, but worth mentioning, it stinks!  Keeps a not so good odor on your pet..who wants that?  I know I wouldn't for my pet.  Also, you get what you pay for.  Pay $20 for 6 month supply, don't be surprised when your pet has fleas.  Pay $60 for a 6 month supply and it's more than likely to work better for you.  Most pet stores do carry topical treatments for flea &/ tick preventative.  Not all preventatives prevent against ticks.  Read the packaging to make sure you are getting what you are wanting to prevent.  Revolution, which is what I use, does not prevent against ticks, but I am okay with that.  I don't take my dog into wooded areas.  If you take your dog on hikes in the woods, I would recommend using a preventative with protection against ticks.  Like I said, when I started this post, do your research.  Don't just go off of what I am putting here.  Also, consult with your Vet. 

When treating with a topical treatment, treat 2 days before getting your dog groomed, no matter if it's just a bath at home or at a groom shop.  This will give the treatment time to settle in and make sure it won't be washed off.  If you are waiting to treat till after the groom, wait two days.  Why is that?  Well, when your dog gets a bath, their natural oils are stripped off of them.  It takes about two days for those oils to come back.  The oils is how the topical treatment spreads throughout their skin and is the most affective for your pet. 

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