Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Dog Grooming

Business will be located in O'Fallon, Missouri!

I've decided to get back into dog grooming!  I stopped for a year, but I have 4 years grooming experience!  I will be grooming out of my home, so appointments will be a must!  I am not open for business just yet.  I will open sometime mid-March.  Once I order the last of the necessary grooming equipment, I will be able to provide an Opening date!  I am super excited about this!  I do not have any crates, so if anyone has dog crates of ANY size they would be willing to donate, I will either offer you a discount or a free upgrade on your dog/ cat's groom!  Yes, I will be bathing cats.  I will NOT be shaving cats, unless there is knots on the cat that need to be shaved out.

I am doing a contest to name my business.  Email me at photogal314@aol.com with suggestions on what I could name my pet grooming business.  I will pick a winner on March 10th.  The winner will receive a FREE Bonus Spa package for their dog!  That will include upgrade on shampoo, conditioner, teethbrushing and decorative bow or bandana!

What comes in a basic groom package?  There are several options.  The first is the Basic Bath, with that... Your pet will receive a bath with the basic shampoo, blow dry, 15min of brushing and nail trim.  The next option is an Outline trim.  You'll get the basic bath package...PLUS 15 min of scissoring.  I'll neaten up areas on your dog but not take length off.  Then the LAST option is the Full hair cut option!  Includes everything in the Outline option, but this package I will be taking hair length off your dog.

Want more for your dog?  I offer nail filing, extra brushing, dematting, teethbrushing, extra scissoring, special shampoo, and conditioner!

Due to no dog crates at this time, I cannot hold your dog for long after groom is complete!  I am implementing a 30min completion policy.  This means, once I notify you, that your pet's groom is complete and he/ she is ready to be picked up, you must pick-up within 30minutes or there will be an additional $5 pet sitting fee for every 30min you are late, after the 30min period.  So if I call you at 3pm, you have till 3:30pm to pick up your furry friend.  Also, if you do not show up for a scheduled groom, you will be billed for at least 1/2 the price of the basic groom package you were requesting.  So, PLEASE when making your appointment, make sure you are going to be able to drop off and pick up in a timely matter.  That will be greatly appreciated! 

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